It’s very interesting to hear that HUMAN BEING is DEAD.

What should we say to that person who never be, kind hearted, helpful, make anyone happy, etc. Instead brings sorrow, negative vibes, sadness & much more.

# THIEF – Today human being becomes thief, who steal other’s happiness, joy, interest without paying any cost. It is very enjoyable for him. He/she tried to do it regularly & instantly, never think a moment of other’s feelings.

# DIPLOMATIC- It is a nature which spreads in human community @ 3 * 10^8 m/s i.e. the highest speed (speed of light in air). Diplomatic nature makes them temporary happy. Their mind gets momentary joy by doing this, which can never be genuine & permanent.

# VENOM- It is a smarmy task which destroy others both internally & externally. Moreover it’s more deadly than venom because poison kills only one time but it degrades the internal vigour slowly, slowly which pains as same as salt on wound.

# HOW TO GET RID – Yes, I’m badly affected from this & I tried hard to find the solution but, failed every time.

How can I tell, my pain, how can I show,

Many pains are burried in this chest, how can I melt that, I don’t know.

Everywhere I see, finds only Enormity & Astuteness,

Now, I can’t understand anything ,only thought that why not I should be like them, you know………….”

Please tell me, in the comment section, the ways/solution you must adopt to cope up this.

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Something Special

कुछ तो है, जिसके लिए मैं हर वक्त साँसें ले रहा


बहुत सी बातें हैं, जो बेज़ुबान, मैं सबसे

कह रहा हूँ।

हर घड़ी, उस लम्हे को याद कर रहा हूँ,

जो मुझमें है कुछ खास, उस खास की

वजह बनने का इंतजार कर रहा हूँ ।

A small effort by Jazz Singh,

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New Hope

It’s a story of a boy who want to achieve everything in his life because as everyone knows, he also knows that we human beings have only one chance to live this wonderful life. So, he thinks alot, each & every moment that how to do this, how this dream will come true.

  • FortunateYes, he tried hard & very hard to find this solution & finally he gets the solution, infact many solutions. After this it seems that he is in his dream life. Every where he finds positive vibes, positive happiness, positive attitude. But but but it’s only a dream till now.
  • Implementation – It’s a time to implement the methods he finds. Slowly slowly he do this, he gets his step forward towards his dream life. Now, he is internally & externally full of energy. He finds it interesting.
  • Continuity – He is still continuing his efforts to achieve what he wants & he has full trust on himself that he will be a star one day.

# क्या पाया क्या खोया,

जो कभी नहीं था मेरा, उसके लिए मैं रोया।

मिलेगा मुझे भी सब कुछ इस जहाँ में ,

बस यही है इक आशा, जिसके सहारे मैं हर दिन जागा और हर रात सोया।

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